Being raised a pastor’s son, Rich was greatly involved in music ministry from a very early age. In fact, The Stevens Family truly began years ago with young Rich singing with his dad, mom and sister. For over 50 years, he has honed his skills as a singer, songwriter and keyboardist. Audiences love his quick wit and the humor he brings to each concert. Rich is also the producer and arranger for all of The Stevens Family recordings.


Beginning formal studies in classical piano and voice at the age of six, Tami continued her training through graduation from Central Bible College, where she and Rich met. During that time, Tami was the soloist for an international radio broadcast that was heard on over 600 stations weekly. She is an accomplished singer, songwriter, pianist & flutist. Tami accepts invitations, as her schedule permits, to share at ladies events and retreats. She has reached thousands of people on social media platforms via her video blog called Viral Verses. She has a gift for connecting with audiences through her vulnerability, and a heartfelt compassion for those in need.


Rich and Tami’s daughter, Erin, completes the chord with her parents to create that signature trio sound that has become a hallmark of their concerts. Erin is the lead vocalist and social media manager for the ministry. She is also a very talented photographer and the owner of Photos For Keeps By Erin. Her skills in photo journalism have taken her from the heart of Africa, working with a missions organization in Uganda - to documenting her family's missions outreach to Romania. Erin is newly married to the man of her dreams, Jacob Ozanich. In addition to being the behind the scenes guy for Erin, he provides the faithful prayer support for The Stevens Family that every road ministry is so thankful for. A talented drummer and percussionist, Jake lends his valuable creativity to SF in the recording studio...and sometimes on stage, as his schedule permits!

Jake and Erin co-parent a fluffy Shetland Sheepdog named Jenny, who divides her time between their house and Mom and Dad’s!